Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polar Running Index (more of)

end of 2008 I did a post on the usage of the Polar Running Index and related chart.
It happens that is the most popular page of this blog, through google searches on the Polar Running Index.
It is a pity that Polar did develop such a useful function and never explained it properly to the users. Even the Polar forum does not offer more...
probably my chart is the only thing publicly available on the practical use of this functions

well, now that chart end up also in a new book by Matt Fitzgerald "The Runner's Edge".
The book makes a pretty good job to explain all the advanced use of Garmin, Polar, etc...how to use the tons of information that are calculated by those toys and train better.
So also the Polar Running Index and the cadence function of the RS800sd got some explanations and useful tips.
I would say a good reading and I must make anyway a couple of remarks
A) the book is totally biased in favour of the TrainingPeaks SW (well, the book's co-author is TrainingPeak's developer), while there is the free alternative of SportTracks and/or simply use the Polar PPT SW
B) maybe (for my tastes) it could have been even more technical and go more into the details (well, I also see that in Amazon's comments someone complained about the opposite... too much technical... well, dude, then you better stick to the Garmin SW to show your friends where have you been running and stop there...)

(disclaimer: I was kindly offered the book by the author as token of appreciation for the small contributions)


Sling Runner said...

by7 - thanks for all the comments & encouragement you have given me. No sub-3 in Seoul because I slowed down after km 30 to finish in 3.03.

Yes, I bought that book at the end of last year and found a couple of running index charts from your blog. Agree with your assessment that it is too software-company biased.

Philippe said...

I just bought a Garmin Forerunner 405, thinking that it might replace my Polar RS400 sd for running and biking.
It's fun for biking, but clearly what I need to improve my running is more a RS800, or keep using my RS 400...

Garmin and Polar are not competitors, their targets seems largey different, and I think I will need the R-R measurements as well as some others informations.

Seems that SUUNTO is doing great job with EPOC too.

Anyway, the only way to progress is to run, run better (not harder) and analyse performance factors...

Keep running!