Monday, May 14, 2012

Season not totally over..still time for some race...

on the "podium" as winning team... we are already grooming future talents..(3 kids on the lefts are mine)
Saturday we had the pleasure to enter our club in the "AVOHK 30th Anniversary Team Race".
AVOHK is one of the pillar clubs of the HK running community and I was their member before going on to set up the Italia R.C. with other friends...
Anyway, the formula of the race was quite interesting:
- each team formed by 6 runners (of whom at least 2 Masters)
- the start was at staggered waves and 1 runner for each team for each wave: 1st wave at 16.00, then 16.01, 16.02 and the last 3 runners only separated by 30 seconds.
- women were running 7 km, men 8km.
- the result was taken on the last runner of each team to pass the finish line.
Sounds complicated ? well, basically it was a kind of equalizer... a team could place his slower runners in the first waves without penalizing the overall results. Women were also a good components of a team, because 1km less means around 3'45"-4'00" of time.

Despite being at 4pm in Summer, it was not too bad because of some rain in the morning.
We did a good plan on how to arrange our team members and in the end we delivered a nice victory for the club, with Michelle, Solange, Philippe, Peter , Curtis and myself all running well.


Thomas said...

Strange race format, but you sure have very cute kids!

Ewen said...

Looks like the kids had fun too, which is how to keep them loving running.