Friday, April 15, 2011

landed and ready for take-off

after surviving a intercontinental flight with 3 small kids, running the marathon on sunday will feel like a rest day... only 2h40' of effort "solo" (vs 20 hours of HKG-KRK with 3 kids) and there are even people handing you water every 20 minutes...
apart the jokes, we landed eventually in Poland

weather is promising, with forecast of 8 to 14C for Sunday.

I got up yesterday with pain in the left ankle, for no real reason (after a rest day !). Now I am in search of some analgesic spray or similar to numb the pain for the race.

Lastly, before leaving HK, I eventually subjected myself to the torture of deep-tissue massage to the hamstring to release the tight spots.

So, Sunday the verdict
If all these last-minute repairs work, it can be a good one... otherwise I might not even arrive to the first drink station.



Hope the body holds together!
Run with your mind and the body will follow :0}


Hi Roberto,
Hope the marathon went well.
Question; do you offer online coaching?

by7 said...

@ Rick: sorry for the late reply but I could not access a proper PC for a while.
I am not a coach ! I did help a couple of friends with coaching suggestions, but I am not really experience and qualified to coach anybody !


Thanks for reply Roberto.
I think you have a lot of knowledge of training and seem to apply it well!
I'm pretty happy with the Marius Bakken plan but want to find ways of adjusting it taking into account my age [50]!
Have added a session of short hill sprints this week as I feel this will increase growth hormone level and help with improving stride length and power!
Maybe you could do a few articles on how one can use the Italian training methods and ajust programs for masters?
Cheers Rick