Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 43

Sunday night, when I was stepping into the emergency room of the hospital with a abdominal colic, I was really wondering which spells of bad luck I was having in the past weeks... for one way or another, I am only in survival mode and no real progress on my training.

- 80km in 6 runs

Monday: I was able to sneak into a sport ground during lunchtime and do a very quick 3x1000m with w/u and c/d.
Tuesday: easy 13.4k
Wednesday: the temperature dropped from 30C to 15C in 24 hours because of a strong norther monsoon... it was gorgeous running weather even if very wind.
I planned a Tempo run of 10k and went on the outer ring in Dongguan because it is the only road with bitumen and not concrete...
I felt quite easy organically, but my right leg started to seize after 9k and I had to stop. 9k at 3'38" average, with quite many windy stretches. HR was around 87%max which was pretty good.
I really have to solve the issue on the leg or otherwise it is no point to train...
Thursday: quite tired and sore after yesterday's tempo run. I jogged around for 14k but running on concrete is very beating for the legs...
Friday: I headed for the forest and run around for 16k. It was a wonderful cool and dry morning and I could have run around forever.
Saturday: busy in the morning and in total pain the afternoon... DNR
Sunday: Buscopan can do miracles... and while I was a wreck in the morning, I was able to drag myself for a run in the late evening... it was cool, so 12k come out quite easy and I did the final 3k hard in 10'30".

a) I need to sort out the right leg... I got a good link from Rick  on a website with good trigger point release technique... video and good explanations....
I really need a lot of exercises and stretching, etc, etc....(if time allows)

b) sleep deprivation from baby feeding is really taking a toll... I am a kind of zombie and just crave to sleep more... in some days I almost felt asleep while running...

c) sunday I have the very big seasonal race...15k.
- being my first road 15k, it is going to be a sure PB...
- i think that organically I am quite good and can run around 3'38" pace if the weather keeps cool, but I can not predict if the right leg will not cramp/seize... so there is a big question mark... race report at the next post

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