Thursday, April 15, 2010

up and downs

my mid-week summary...
(probably I should do like most of the other running blogs which are offering a more logical end-of-week summary, but at present I do not keep any real mileage or effort log... )

- SATURDAY: Bike. A "reality check".... We were rehearsing the Team Time trial with my club for the incoming race and I really got TRASHED... those guys are really far better than my level..
We hit a medium-gradient climb after 7km of flat-out effort and while I usually climb up at 20-22kmh (which is already quite good, since most of cyclists would do 16kmh there), we were going up at 26kmh and I simply got dropped...
I always train alone so I do not have any capability to switch gears if someone else push the pace beyond my limits... anyway it was a moral blow...

- SUN: mentally recovering from yesterday's trashing....I did not want to train
- MON (Hong Kong): went for a run, 45' @ good pace
- TUE (Dongguan): cycling... I took the X-cross bike for the first time in a while and I did not feel too confortable on the saddle.. I headed for the long climb in the forest, but whatever the reason/excuse (poor sleep, very hot and humid, bad position on the bike), I felt like crap... after 20' climb, I gave up and turn back (total 1h15')
- lunch time: 20' easy run on the treadmill, tested new "treadmill shoes"
- WED (Hong Kong): strong monsoon wind and rain. Gave up immediately the idea of cycling and went instead for a nice run (45' @4'15" pace with steep climb)
- THU (Dongguan): took my road bike over here... raining and chilly temperature. I put my nose out of the building in the early morning and realized that I did not need to be Macho-man, so I come back and worse winter jacket, shoe cover and gloves... very smart idea because I got 1h30' of rain.. good workout, with 8x3' fast with 2' recovery + 4/5 sprints. It was quite pleasant that I could keep 40-42kmh on the flat

Sunday I will be racing in the usual local criterium (18km...)

I almost made up my mind that after May 1st and the "Tour of Hong Kong", I will definitely switch to running mode.

Probably next week I will decide if/when to tackle the next marathon and resume serious running training.


Simone said...

Nice to read about you up and running,
77 with the polar is a very good value considering you are just coming back from a full year of stop.
A very good sign, that means legs feedback to the stimuli is nice!

keep up the nice work!

by my side I'm -38 from the Passatore, this amazing nice challenge!!! I'll let you know if I will survive. I postponed to the autumn my objective to cut minutes from the marathon PB!

talk soon,

by7 said...


ho letto che a Connemara sei andato molto bene, nonostante il leggeto cedimento finale.
Di sicuro al Passatore farai bene!!
Non manco mai di leggere il tuo blog, ma sono schiavo della lettura con il feeder del Blackberry...quindi diventa difficile lasciare commenti!

Io sono gia' contento del mio livello, la bici mi sta dando una incredibile resistenza e forza generale, ma ho le gambe di piombo... dopo il 1o maggio mi metto a lavorare sulla velocita'