Friday, November 6, 2009

update November

I have been very lethargic recently with this blog, but unless I change subject or start to talk about what is to work in Dongguan, there was nothing to report on the running front.

Now I am treated by a very good PT and I feel that she is tackling the problem in the right way.
She told me that there is a lot of adesion between the tendon and the sheat and she was "horrified" by the state of my calves: a lot of micro-trauma and adesions among the fibres. So the muscles did not flex efficiently and there was too much stress on the tendons (obviously compounded by my bow-legs, etc).
It may take still several months of therapy, so I presume that I will not race anymore until the season 2010-11 (jeeezzz...)

Cycling is going well and I am not quite satisfied of my fitness. I train in a much more spontaneous way than as a runner, so no intervals or specified efforts.
I train to have fun, ride with other guys and do as many climbs as possible (I love climbs...).
Yesterday night I showed up at the Science Park: on Thursday evening, there are ALL the competitive cyclists of Hong Kong looping around at a crazy pace...
it is a great group training, well, basically it is like a race with even a final sprint. We clocked 44km @ 42kmh average, but in the final sprint I really did a beginner's mistake and got myself exposed too early... (anyway... it is only a training)

All said, I made enrolled the HK cycling Association and I will make my cycling "debut"
as a Master in a criterium race next Sunday 15th. It is a bit crazy and I do not think to really be in "competitive" shape, but I want to feel the thrill of competition again (well, a cycling criterium is a LOT of thrill)...
I will let you know how It goes. If everything goes well, there is another race in Shenzhen (just beyond the border) the following Saturday



The bike race sounds like a lot of fun.
Have you tried using a roller on your calf muscles, it might help?

Simone said...

I think racing is a good idea,
and also the therapy to get back into running, hopefully in not too many months.

finger crossed for you,
and take care at over 40km/h
from this point of view running is much safer!