Friday, August 28, 2009

a dark Recession

the Recession is striking hard on Dongguan... for a city whose economy is 90% depending on export and with export going down by 25%, well, you can make the math yourselves..
our town government is clearly getting less income from taxes, etc and is out of money.
First they cut on new projects and new road contruction, but now seems also operating costs... in short, no more money to keeps the lights on in the evening for all the roads.
So this is how it looks like at 7pm for the north boulevard.
I went there for a ride and as soon as it got dark, I expected the street light to be on... but no way. So I just went back home. I have to figure out who to manage the situation, even putting lights on the bike would not be a solution...

for reference, this is how it looked like before at the same hour:

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