Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 months - 5 mesi

EN: today marks 5 months from my last run. Tendons still painful.
I am becoming a "theoretical runner"... just brownsing running blogs and forums and formulating hypotetical training plans for future marathons...
Cycling almost every day. I wish to take part in a road race to see what I would be capable to do, but at the same time I think that I would be now scared to take all the risks involved in a bike race... (road cycling is dangerous... all the scars on my body agree)

IT: oggi fanno 5 mesi senza correre, sembra un eternita'. Tendini ancora doloranti.
Ormai sono diventato solo un teorico della corsa, a leggere forums a blog senza muovere poi in piede.
Quasi tutti i giorni mi faccio 30/40km di bici e mi piacerebbe parteciapre ad una gare per vedere di cosa sarei capace a quasi 20 anni dalla mia ultima gara. Ma francamente ho la sensazione che sarei spaventato nel correre in un gruppo con tutti i rischi relativi (la bici e' uno sport indubbiamente pericolo e le cicatrici sul mio corpo sono li' a ricordarmelo)


Mark said...

looking forward to your comeback, I'll stay tuned


If LANCE ARMSTRONG can make a comeback then I'm sure you can too!

by7 said...

thank you for the support.
Actually I am determined to make a come-back, but at the same time I also feel the pressure of the additional "life" responsability (+ 1 kid), work pressure in this tough economic moment plus the awareness that Achilles Tendinitis seems a "once injured, forever injured" problem, where it is very easy to go back to the problem and where it is impossible to go back to the old training habits.
Let's see... I really want to make another 2-3 good years before the age will cut my "wings"


Thanks for the info on Chris Wardlaw, Apart from losing 10 lb of upper body muscle I'm looking for the training program that with get my marathon time down to 2.45 for next years London marathon!
by the way have you tried really deep massage on your tendons, it could help break down the inflammation and speed up the healing process!

Sling Runner said...

The readings and studying about running methodologies/principles should make you a better runner when you return.

Hope you won't be out for long !