Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, not much. Same routine cycling, stretching, treatment and no running.
Maybe is going better, but was enough to go for a walk with my daughter to have more pain for few days later...
I am now boarding the plane HK-Helsinki-Milan for a business trip and I am somehow emotional to land in Italy after more than a year.
(The drawback is a week with no cycling and no treatment, but it should not make huge difference at this poiny)

Travel tips: if you need spare parts/accessories for your Suunto o Polar, the duty-free of Helsinki's airport carries a huge selection... Probably the most well supplied shop of Polar stuff I have ever seen (I guess that downtown Helsinki might offer maybe even more..)

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Sorry to hear of the long delay in your recovery, must be so very frustrating, hope your return to running is in the near future.