Thursday, May 29, 2008

Test Conconi

I am in mood of experiments and explorations on different ways to train
and/or monitor the fitness. So it was time for a Conconi Test.
About the Conconi Test in general, well, it is enough to "google' the
term. One you go on a track with a HR monitor, you later have to trace
the data on a Excel file chart and make some educated guess on the
deflection point.
The test itself has been criticized as non conclusive measurement of the
real AT speed, but anyway my main purpose was to trace a curve of the
speed at different efforts (HR) to compare later in the season to
monitor the progress.

I never did this test in my life except for some failed attempt about 20
years ago while I was a cyclist... so it was also a practical discover
of a concept that has been around since the 80s.
I got really spoiled to find out the one of the function of the Polar
RS800 HRM is the "automatic"Conconi Test.
No need to manage the data in Excel, just do the test and get the report
from the Polar SW !!!

Conditions were "less than ideal": Temperature 27C, Humidity 95%, wet
track for the rain of the night.
I opted for 400m steps of speed increment and it was pretty tricky to
mantain a speed for the full lap and most of all to increase the speed
at every lap only of few seconds. The first lap was in 1'50", than
jumped straight to 1'40"... I need more practice.

The results is here in the chart. I may believe that the AT speed of
15,3kmh is maybe quite accurate based on my personal perception of the
effort. Obviously I am just back from injury and the weather was awful,
so there is a margin of improvement...
I want to try the same test on a treadmill to standardize the weather
conditions and get more accurate on the speed increase step. That would
be for next week....

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