Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more on "running moms"

following the lead of the post below, I found an interesting article on these "flying moms" that are lining up for the US Marathon trials.
As an amateur runner and running fan, I feel strong empathy and closeness to the "normal" lives of these talented and very strong willed athletes, whose daily routine and training patterns are so similar to what we can also do.
It is really much more of an inspiration than reading about the life of a Elite Male Runner (sleep, run, eat, nap, run, massage, sleep).

The Doc eventually cleared me for running and maybe I will have revert to spend more time in running shoes rather than reading running websites....

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Sling Runner said...

Good luck for Krakow Marathon. If you are interested to do a short weekend break, there is a night marathon in Singapore at the end of May (Sundown Marathon).

I believe you can place in the top 3 even if you do it as a long training run (fastest local marathoner is 2:45-2:50.