Monday, October 8, 2007


just back home from a short holiday in Thailand.

since it is a running blog ...
I lost 4/5 days of training out of 8 days, so not very good.
I made some short runs over there. it was really hot and humid, even at dawn.
But it was very interesting to take those secondary roads and see the thai villages from close range. Different from Hong Kong and China, the dogs were very peaceful and did not bother about my presence.

Back to Hong Kong, I was deadly tired by the trip, but I managed to make a good track session

7 x 1000m in 3'25" recovery: 2'00" (200m jog).
Heart rate around 175/180, drop back to 120 in the recovery.
the purpose was to stimulate the upper limit of LT. I felt a little tired at the end. Probably 3'25" is my current 10k speed (this would be great...)


Sling Runner said...
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Sling Runner said...

Hi by7,

I got your bloglink from I used to live in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Guangzhou between 2002-04. I am now based in Singapore.

Your times are impressive and all the best for Fukuoka. Are you following Tinman's training ? (was the 1k reps at CV?)

by7 said...

Hi Sling,

the reading of Tinman's website was for me a revelation (that was like 1 year ago). I understood all my mistakes of the past and changed very much my training philosophy.

Now I base my training on his concept: BigWorkouts, Special long runs and never push the ball too much.

My Fartlek/Intervals (3 min or 1k) are actually done at what he defines as CV (slightly slower than 10k speed)