Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A good holiday

For the mid winter holidays we went to a nice island in the southern hemisphere.
It was a fantastic holiday, full relax, good food, nice weather, etc, etc.
Since it is a running blog, I avoid bothering the potential readers with these holidays details (leave a message if you want to know more), but I want to write few line about the effect of air/temperature and humidity on the performance.
in HK, the air is really awful: pollution, humidity and heat all together make up a mix that drive your recovery lower and lower. It is probably one of the worst place on earth for running.
In summer, the heat and humidity are simply impossible to survive: a simple jog and you come back home losing 1kg and sweating like a demon for several hours. In Winter, the drier weather drives the pollution higher and higher and the air is really dirty, full of pollutants.
During my holidays I was simply running 5/8 bpm HR lower than in HK at the same speed.
In some LT workouts I was finding difficult to raise the HR at the target zone because my legs were not used to go so fast.
It was really incredible. I did easy many good medium and long runs and especially worthy to mention is a long 33km run on a very hilly gravel road: at the end I was flatten with many aching muscles, but it gave me the confidence that Boston Marathon will be a great outcome

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