Monday, July 28, 2008

wk29 Summary

- 6 workouts (missed one for job related reasons)
- 99 km
- 3 serious workouts:
  • Wednesday : 2 x 3km @ AT effort (HR target was 180bpm). Scored a 10'00" and 10'08" that is great. Felt really good. A km split was excessively fast at 3'13" ...
  • Friday: 3x 10minutes @MP effort (nice run, good feeling), total 18km
  • Sunday: 10k easy, than 10k @MP effort. It was a half disaster. The weather was crappy, maybe already 29C at 5.00am. Because of some changes in the wind direction due to the approaching typhoon, the pollution skyrocketed to record levels. I do know know if it was lack of sleep, fatigue or the pollution + heat, but the 10k felt very very long. I closed in 38'10", the same level of 6 weeks ago and with a perceived effort and HR that was much higher than the same workout done 4 weeks ago (which by the way, marked a 37'45" felt very easy)
15/June: 38'11" (HR average: 173)
29/June: 37'45" (HR: 168)
27/July: 38'08" (HR: 170)

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