Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Breakthrough (?)

This morning I guess that I reached a "breakthrough" in my training progression.
For the first time since I got back to training, I felt like I would have been able to run indefinitely.

In my very modest opinion, the best "fitness test" is neither a race or a tempo run or whatever. I rather got my best indications of fitness from the value of HR and overall feeling in an easy run.
So this morning it was really a good signal that my HR stayed easily below 150bpm and even after 45min I was still very fresh, ready to run for other 20km...
So hitting 17km @4'20" pace with average HR only 147 is very promising sign.
NOTE: all this obviously must be inserted in a context where this morning at 6am the temperature was already 29C. At the time of writing the "accuweather real feel" marks a 39C/110F.
More about current temperature in Dongguan here:
In the next weeks, I will move to a more intense phase of training, mainly targeting to increase the Lactate Thresold and Aerobic Power + strenght.
Less long runs, but many harder workouts

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