Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Green" long run

As I mentioned last week, I found by chance a track in the countryside (incredible, here in Dongguan).
On Google Earth, I found out that it may have stretched for several kilometres, coasting several water reservoirs and green areas.

So this morning, alarm clock at 4.30 at I went out with the aim to go until the end of the track, a good 30km return.

I was not disappointed: it was by far my most interesting run in mainland China in the 9 years of my stay.
The forest road went on and on coasting small farms and some tropical tree forest.
After 8km, the track become paved, and lead me all the way to Longgang ,  a district of Shenzhen. 

At the end of the forest area, suddently again the view of factories as far the eye could go...

The return was quite pleasant, I felt very energized even if the heat was getting oppressive as soon as the sun popped out from the hills. In the final miles, I had to stop every 2-3km to get some rest on shaded areas...
I must say that I was glad to feel the air-con once at home

Technical data
- 30km @4'25"/k pace
- average HR : 155 (78%) I was much lower at the start, but in the last miles the dehydratation and heat made my HR be constantly in the 160s even if I was going easy
- water loss at the end: 2.5kg + 1.5kg of water intake during the run (4kg of sweat... 1 gallon)
- temperature: 26C rising to 30C at the end, Humidity around 85%



Sling Runner said...

Sounds like a nice trail ! I used to work in Shekou (Shenzen), Guangzhou, and Beijing and I know how difficult to find a place which is peaceful and far from pollution (traffic fumes).

by7 said...

yes, you understand the situation very well.
Where did you stay in Guangzhou ?
I lived there for 4.5 years. I was always running around my residential areas, same loop every time. At the end, I was able to make it with closed eyes...