Thursday, July 17, 2008

the SUN is back...

after 2 days of easy runs, it was time to get back to serious, so this morning the alarm clock went out at 4.30am: the plan was a 25k run with 5x1km @ 10k race speed (hence 3'30") for me.
The purpose is such workouts is to mix together an endurance stress (for the marathon build-up), together with some good LT workout, without getting exhausted.

Being on much lack of sleep in these days, I spent at least 10 minutes in bed asking WHY I was doing this..., rather than just turn the lights off and go on sleeping.
Unfortunately I had already took agreement with E. about running together (details: I was in HK this morning), so I was forced to got up and go (the power of peers pressure...).

We did 15km easy at around 4'20" (luckily, I was feeling like a zombie), taking a path that could keep out of the Sun. Than is was time to start the intervals and I felt not too brilliant, but still did manage to complete them (for each of them, the pace according to the Polar was 3'31-3'33", but I guess that the actual speed was a bith higher (maybe 3'27" something) because I set the calibration for slower speeds (if you own a Polar Rs800sd, you certainly know that the calibration is affected very much by the speed, so calibrating at 4'15" would result in slightly understated speed/distance if you are running much faster).
total 24k, average 4'20", 5x1k included
Weather: week of "nice weather". Give a look at the Accuweather widget on the left side of the blog to understand the "real feel" of 30C/90%Rh.
I add here the excellent chart updated in real time by HK Observatory with the temperature/humidity in the past 24h for each of the district of Hong Kong... (it will go on like that until end September...)

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