Friday, July 11, 2008

"Swimming" workout

If you put the alarm clock at 4.30am for a long run, got up and found out that is raining hard, what would you do ?
A. go back to sleep
B. go out running anyway

Since I would never be able to fall asleep again, I opted for "B".
The worst part is that I was also able to cohort my neighbor E. to come along and some sms messages "forced" him to come anyway (even if he was more prone to "A" option)

Jesus.... it was really raining. The HK Observatory put up the "Amber rainstorm" alert and was really justified. We basically swam for 1h45', until we jointly decided that it was really enough for the day
25km, with 10x1' @10k speed to speed up the legs and gradually get used again to speed work.
I need to increase gradually my faster workouts because otherwise the legs get always stuck in going slowly...

for the record, a nice pic taken from the car while I was going to work later (the brown stream of water was actually the road)

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