Monday, September 29, 2008

Wk 39 Summary

- 129km in 7 run (affected by a typhoon mid week)
- 3 workouts
  • Monday: Long Run 33k. A disaster. Not fully recovered yet from Saturday's race; and it was very hot, humid and polluted. I asked E. to come with me for a final 13km section at MP (3'40"), but it was so hot that we decided immedialty to settle for a more modest 3'50" and we could not even keep it. I was so dead that I got dropped by him..
  • Thursday: progression run 10k easy + 10k medium + 10k MP effort. After the typhoon the air was much better, so the workout went very well. I can not swear on the actual pace because it was on unmarked roads, but feeling was good and also I recovered promptly
  • Sunday: race 10000m track. 1st place in 33'54". Temperature 27C/75%rh. Good sensations, I was at 95% effort (last year at the same meeting I did a 35'15"...)
Overall: the week did not start well, but the end was much better.
Because of the heat, I am still lacking some real good quality workout (kind of nailing the 3'40" pace for a long run..).
Now there are only 3 weeks of hard training before the tapering and I hope the weather could cooperate so that I can pile up some good long run and MP pace workout... finger cross. I feel much stronger compared to when I did 2h38' in Fukuoka, but this year I could not yet see any concrete evidence of it in long workouts.
Luckily last night the northern monsoon has brought cooler, dry air so this morning was like running in another country...

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