Thursday, September 25, 2008

A thypoon makes a difference...

Tuesday night the typhoon "Hagupi" lashed Guangdong/Hong Kong. It was very sudden and hard-hitting, unfortunately causing several deaths (7 confirmed dead + 19 missing) in Guangdong.

It did cool down the air considerably and also the humidity is lower. So this morning it was quite pleasant at 5.30am when I went out for a progression run 10k easy + 10k moderate and 10k MP effort. Nevertheless it was 26C and running around the factories of this industrial town is not the dream of every runner.... but overall it was a workout that I would not be able to do before
- around 10k in 44'
- around 9.2km in 37'26" (around 4'00"/km, hilly course)
- last 37' on treadmill with HR around 165 (awful... I hated, but it was much cooler..)

with cool-down around 30km in 2h05'. Good feeling, but I was not satisfied about the running gait, need for sure some fast interval to improve the stride


running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Congrats on last weeks race win, must have been very hard running through that heat!

Simone said...

Hi Roberto,
sorry to disturb you with an out of topic we were discussing on my blog.

I was able to get the prescription of the voltaren (here called voltarol) pills! 50mg each.

You said you advise to take 2 in the morning? or 1 the evening before and 1 in the early morning after the breakfast before the marathon?

My tendinitis is getting better and better, but it is still out there, so I decided to take the these pills for this race ... will make me feel better psyicologically and maybe physically as well.

by7 said...

riguardo alla tua domanda sul Voltaren.
ovviamente dipende dal livello del dolore, perche' la dose giornaliera puo' arrivare fino a 300mg.
se non sei una persona che ha ulcere o soffre di mal di stomaco, io seguirei questo schema:
- Sabato: 3x1 pastiglia 50mg con i pasti (magari anche 2 bastano)
- Domenica: 1x50mg con la colazione
+ mi porterei 1-2 pastiglie con me durante la gara in caso il dolore si inizia a sentire (il modo migliore e' fissarle con il cerotto all'interno del pettorale) (io a Fukuoka mi feci un 50mg al 25km perche' iniziavo a sentire il problema alla gamba che mi stava affliggendo)

Simone said...

grazie e 1000 by7,
fortunatamente non ho problemi di stomaco quando devo prendere farmaci. Andro probabilmente per 2 (pranzo e cena) ed una la mattina, con 1/2 dietro con me in gara.

ti faro poi sapere come e' andata!

enjoy your weekend,