Monday, September 22, 2008

technical report on Saturday's race

because I found that reading blogs is a very good way of exchanging experiences, here some technical information for my readers

- shoes used: New Balance RC750: racing flats suitable for pronators. I would dare to use them for a 15k race and maybe also a HM on the flat.

- HR profile: I wore the HR monitor on purpose to see my maximum HR rate during the race. Knowing that the profile of the course would have forced me to push very hard, it is good occasion to measure the real HRmax to use later to base our own training.
My last indication was 197bpm, and it has been confirmed also this time. So no need to change my training zones !!
The HR profile describes well the development of the action: decent pace until I reached the climb, flat-out for the 5 minutes uphill, take it more relaxed in the downhill return (I was hurting badly anyway) and than push what was left for the final flat stretch. I did not sprint that much, so it was surprising the I reached the max on the finish line

- I was feeling like a dead man during the race, but later I could see the pictures of those behind me and I got relieved ... they were looking not fresh either (from the top, myself, 2nd/3rd and 4th placed)

- the good news is that the runner who felt victim of heatstroke got discharged from hospital on the same day. He is a very valid canadian runner (1h14' HM PB), just arrived in HK, but I guess that in Canada 33C/90%rh is not the standard...


Sling Runner said...


Congrats on the win !!

With your MaxHR of 197bpm, what would be your expected Marathon Pace HR based on your experience?

Looking for some guidance from you. Thanks!

PS: Yesterday I did 21k MP run here in Singapore with 2 minutes break in the middle point to drink 500ml of water and take energy gel. My estimated MaxHR was 195bpm, and during yesterday's run, my av HR was 168 bpm. I felt I didn't have a lot left in the tank. (I was probably dehydrated a bit coz I was only drinking 500ml for the whole 93 minutes at MP)

by7 said...


I already commented on your simulation run before, directly on your blog.
Personally I follow more or less always the same scheme:
- first half marathon, I try to stick around 165/169 (let's say between 84% and 86%). My scare is to see the 170s number on the display...
- after the first half, the HR start to drift inexorably and I focus more on keeping the pace and let the km keep going. I found this section mentally very tough, because it is still a long way to go, but you start to lose freshness.
- once you reach the final 10k, I would like to throw away the Polar and just run by guts, based on what you have in the tank ...
I noticed that if I am "cooked" the HR does not climb further and I stay around 175, losing gradually speed. If I am still with good legs, I can keep the pace while the HR keeps climbing.
See the HR profile of my Fukuoka marathon (I published on the blog). It was almost perfect effort judgment (in my opinion)