Tuesday, September 23, 2008

endless summer

another rant about the weather. This year the summer is endless. We are already in Autumn, but the temperature are like in July (or worse).
Yesterday I got up at 4.30am to make a long run and it was already 28C(82F) with 87%rh !! during the day the temperature reached 37/38C with high humidity and high pollution.

Until now, I could make only 1 or 2 really good workouts while the remaining ones were only "surviving". Not a single good MP run; I did not even try to make a fast tempo run because it would be too tough. In short, I am putting miles but I am really not satisfied of the quality.
I hope for a temperature drop in the next 3 weeks, at least to make 5/6 good workouts before the marathon


Gianluca Rigon said...

Which marathon you are preparing ?
Ciao !

by7 said...

Ciao Gianluca,
JoongAn Seoul Marathon on November 2nd (flat course, cold weather)