Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cadence chart

I dig out more data from the Polar SW and here another chart. This is the average cadence of each workout from end 2006 to now.

It shows an increase from the 80/81 to the 84 of today.

From all I read, there is a significant agreement that increasing the turnover is the best way to increase speed: less load on the joints at each step and less "deceleration" caused by the impact of the feet on the ground.
Actually since many months I tried to run my easy runs with small steps, like running in eggs.
I noticed now that when I have my Marathon Pace runs, I keep around 89/90rpm, while in the past I was more around 86/87.

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Mike said...

"Running on eggs". That sounds like a good visualization technique and I like the imagery.

I also like thinking about "stiffness", as Fitzgerald describes in his "Brain Training" book. Thinking about the legs as stiff springs instead of loose springs seems to make for less time on the ground and more energy transferred to moving forward.

Nice work on the improved cadence over time as well.