Monday, August 25, 2008

Wk 33 summary

=> 7 workouts (I was able to go running very early on Friday before a big Typhoon struck Hong Kong ..)
=> 119 Km
=> 3 hard workouts:
  • Wednesday: 6x2km @ MP , all around 7'25"-7'30", HR below 170bpm. Not yet in the target pace of 3'40"/km, but is still 2 months to go (and it was 27C). Including w/u and c/d, total was a decent 25km...
  • Friday: 5x1k @10k pace + hill charges. It was right before a typhoon, so the air was cooler, but a lot of wind. I was able to find a sheltered stretch and did very decent 1k interval in 3'17"-3'20" feeling really good (1'30" recovery jog)
  • Sunday: long run. A total write-off. 27km @4'25" pace, but they felt like 52km... I had back pain, extreme sense of fatigue, legs like stones, lack of sleep ... really awful set of sensations. After 20k I felt like after a marathon... and the worse of it is that my HR was rock bottom, only 140bpm average (only 70%HRmax), with many miles at 135. That is really unusual and sign of poor recovery and fatigue. I will take 2 days very easy and sleep more..
  • Saturday was not really a hard workout, but it was pleasant to run with Stefano and make some strides on the track. I tested for the first time my spikes Mizuno LD and they felt great. We run series of 100m and 200m and got always beaten... I can predict that Stefano, given his talent, committment and smart training, is really on a rising curve and will be the man to beat in Hong Kong for the season.

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