Monday, August 4, 2008

Wk 30 summary

  • 7 runs (eventually)
  • 107 km
  • 3 quality workouts
  1. Wednesday: 2x4km @MP effort, but it was a complete counter-performance. Whatever the reason, I could not even complete the 2nd interval, felt completely without energies. It did not make sense to continue
  2. Thursday: medium-run with 15x1' faster intervals (rec:1'). Complete different sensations. Maybe due to the air being much less polluted than the days before, but legs were snapping easy and sustained a average of 3'25"/k pace for all the intervals without slowdowns. I might even push a bit more...
  3. Sunday: long run, throwing a 8km faster section towards the end. Felt very good. With E. Regardless of the hot weather (27C, 92%Rh) we kept a good pace in the warm-up climb to MuiTzeLam (it is a 3 km steady climb) and later went for a medium effort 8k section. I closed in 29'30", that makes 3'41"/k pace (6'00"/mile) with HR averaged 169. That would be PERFECT if I could keep it for other 34km....
Overall: the week started with very poor sensation that were very likely due to the pollution, because later in the week felt very good. I am much ahead of last year fitness curve and it is surprising that I can already run at my target marathon pace/target HR with 3 months to go and in the middle of the summer heat... I am very impatient to see what's is going to happen once the temperature cools down

What's next: this week marks the end of my preparatory phase with a balanced approach of building base and elevating the aerobic threshold with light workouts. Time to move on to a next phase where I need to add some more intensity and more workouts targeting AT improvement. I also neglected a bit the strength conditioning (hills) so it is time to recover this weak spot before the actual racing season kicks off

Problem of the week: I am interested to know how others training in similar heat handle the rehydratation issue. I guess that I lose in average 2 liters of water per workout + additional loss for the usual daily life. Lately I start to have some slight abdominal trouble cause by drinking that much water every day, especially after the longer workout I feel the need to drink maybe 2 liters very quickly but this does not go well with my intestine's capabilities...

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running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

I think you have to be careful not to force water down to quickly as your stomach will not be able to handle it, better to drink small amounts throughout the day! drink when thirty,
there is a great chapter on dehydration and how to cope with it in the book BRAIN TRAINING FOR RUNNERS by Matt Fitzgerald, i first heard about this book from reading Thomas's blog.