Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Your Opinion on HR Profile

with the Karvonen's Formula.

I invite comments from the expert runners reading this blog about the best HR "profile" to use during a marathon.
This is my HR profile during the Fukuoka marathon. I hope it is clear enough.
The color zone represent the different intervals for "standard" workouts, calculate using % of HRR
My max HR rate is around 197bpm.
Keep in mind that my pace was pretty constant in the range 3'44" to 3'49"/min. The 5k split are very even (variance of 10 sec), so the "output" (speed) was constant.
I constantly monitored the HR for the first 20k and tried to stay in the range 165-169 (MP effort). After the HM mark, HR drift slowly into a "HM/LT effort" (low 170s) and I settle into a slightly slower pace to avoid the HR climb too soon in the hi 170s (that is full Lactate threshold for me).
For the last 10k, I just considered it like a 10k race and gave it all: the HR climbed right into a "10k race" kind of effort (>180bpm) for the last 5/6km.
I found very positive the capability to still push the effort into the 180+bpm, compared to other marathons I did in the past, where in the last section I was incapable to go faster and the HR started to drop in the last 6/7km (typical symptom of fatigue).

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