Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Marathon Recovery Hong Kong style

If you believe in the "traditional" approach of taking a good period of slow training, no races after a marathon, you have probably to reconsider your diet, switch to Cantonese food and marvel on how fast some Hong Kong runners can recover after a marathon...

- Choi Tat Ming: run Fukuoka Marathon in 2h40' with slight bonk in the final 5k. One week later, makes his SB in a 10k (!!). Not happy, the following week-end joins the Taipei marathon with another 2h40'.
- "Joe Joe" Fan: this "iron lady" runs Singapore Marathon on December 2nd in 3'02" (temperature around 29C, humid). One week later, a light shakeout taking part in a 30k off-road race in Hong Kong
- the excellent Master Chan Hwa Kwai (Keith) is clearly disappointed in running 3h03' in Shanghai Marathon on November 25th ... to recover morale, one week later runs a Half Marathon and a 10k the following week-end.

I am baffled ... since the marathon, I am just running easy ...


Mark said...

"makes his SB in a 10k "

What is SB?

by7 said...

SB stands for
"Season Best" (it is used as standard IAAF terminology in their results)