Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !!
Enjoy the holiday period with some good run.

I am eating like a pig and I will probably put up 2 kg (4Lbs).
This morning I made a "fat-burning" session: running at very easy effort (HR around 70% of max): 21,1km in 1h28' (not a bad half marathon time ...). My daughter has now the habits of wandering around the house at 3am, it does not help my sleep.... only 4 hours average in the past 3 days.

The weather in Hong Kong is now gorgeous: 15C/60F, low humidity. I run along the sea, with the sea rising during the run. It must have been the idyllic environment to make me feel going so easy.
I am in my 2nd week back to serious training after the Marathon and legs are feeling very good.
This week-end, I will aim for a 30k race. More about it next post

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