Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fast update from Fukuoka

Taking advantage of Blogger Mobile, a quick update from Fukuoka:
-Perfect weather, around 12/15C (55/60F). Some wind
-the number pick-up area consisted of 1 (one) table with 2 staff. This is the advantage of having 460 entrants.
-Japanese are exquisitely kind as usual
-Met Wanjiru and his Italian agent in the lift: the agent claims Sammy is in excellent shape and "tomorrow everything can happen"
-the pain in my right leg is still there, but I am intaking an unreasonable amount of Voltaren (Diclofenac Sodicum) and Ibuprufen. Finger crossed.
-made a 8km run to move the legs around the Ohari park... Many other
fellow runners there : temperature was 13 degrees but all geared with
heavy track suits and caps. By the way... They are bloody skinny and
light. They should set-up categories by weight as in boxing ... I
would have chances in the heavyweight category

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Mark said...

Best of luck in your marathon.