Wednesday, June 4, 2008


June 1st marked 2 small "personal" events:
1) I set it as the start of the new running season 2008/2009. Reset all the mile counter and now planning what to do in the new year. Because of the summer heat, basically running life goes to "hybernation" (hahaha... the right word) until September. Now I have 3 months of only training to go back to the fitness before the injury.
I plan to run a Marathon in November/December targeting 2h35'.

2) I moved. After 4 years in my flat in one district of Dongguan, I decided that it was better to move closer to the factory to avoid the daily commute in the ever increasing traffic + perennial opening of new road contruction projects (in 20 years, China will be covered by highway... but now we are paying the price under the form of building sites everywhere).
The new flat is just 5 minutes drive from work, it is bigger and in a quieter area, so I guess it could be a better choice for running.
Thanks to a friend who want to dismiss his treadmill, I will also set up my own treadmill in one of the bedrooms !!! (picture later).

But before turning the page, some nostalgic pictures ...

a view from the balcony of my old flat. For what Dongguan can offer, it was really a decent unobstructed view. The new flat has a "factory dormitory" view ...

In my last run, I climbed at the top of a surrounding hill and take a picure of my usual running route. Basically it is around those buildings that you can barely see in the fog/pollution

another view from the hill top. I climbed this hill very seldom. It is very steep and obviously it is not lit, so not very convenient in winter when sunrise is so late

Something that I always hated of that town: it was maybe one of the dirtiest town in Dongguan. Many night food stalls and everyone is just throwing the stuff on the floor. In the morning, it is really smelling bad .

in the new town, I will not need to run through the town center, but I can go straight to some unfinished industrial area / countryside, so at least it will be free from rubbish (well ... more or less)
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