Friday, June 6, 2008

fluid loss

in South China is raining continuously for the past 15 days. It seems that it will never stop ...
at least, it is good for running because the rain really chills down the body.

But yesterday early morning, there was a rare sunny clear sky and it was plainly hot. Maybe 28C with 85% RH. So it was ideal setting for a fluid loss experiment:
- weight before run: 69,7Kg
- weight after run: 68,3Kg (run 1hr steady pace, HR around 75%max)
- drunk a cup of water b4 the run: 0,2kg
==> total fluid loss: 1,6kg/3,5 pounds (in 1 hour!!!) : 2,1% of body weight ..
Unbelievable ... it is no surprise that after 40 minutes I started to crawl rather than run ...
for a long run I would need to carry not a bottle but a tank of water.

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