Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It must have been related to "middle age crisis" issue of trying to feel younger but yesterday I did make a purchase that would sound you really crazy ... I bought a pair of spikes (so it is not as silly as buying a yellow Porsche...)
Mizuno Tempo LD .

Actually I had a Mizuno 100$ voucher, so it was not hitting directly the wallet and the shoes looked too tempting to resist, even if I was (and still wondering) what can I do with them ....
The wear like silk gloves and only the idea of running on a track wearing them send me back home feeling light and fast...
I accept suggestions about how to use them ... luckily I have a track close to home.
I can not wait to try them on the track !!
Now I can not miss anymore the track races organized by HK Athletic ...


Grellan said...

Nice looking spikes.I'd want to improve my speed to feel worthy of wearing them.

Congratulation on an excellent 10k PB - very impressive!!!

Sling Runner said...


Congrats on the 10k PB ! With just a few years of running behind you, your maximum potential is still far !!

Sling Runner