Thursday, March 27, 2008

"private" track

Still not running. I am pretty depressed because the tibial pain is not even improving since last Sunday, regardless of my continuous attention (Ice + Voltaren / Celebrex ).
If the things do not turn around quickly, I will have to close the season early (races are only until end April, after that is too hot for any hard effort). A real pity.

to go back to giving more details about running in Dongguan, here a good view of the primary school track in Dongguan where I make my track workouts.

I like running there because it is quiet, sometimes a bit of breeze, secluded from the noise of the main roads. It is only a short jog from my home, so really a hidden "jewel" in this harsh environment.
Usually all the school track in China are closed to "externals" but this seems to follow a particular admission schemes: from sunrise to 7.15am, the security let in some "selected" guests.
Allowed: myself, some elders who use the track as walking path, some people living in the neighborhood.
Rejected at the gate: youngsters and anyone looking like a worker from the nearby factories.
call it discrimination ....
The catch is that the track is only 300m long, so a bit painful on the ankles for longer intervals.
Because of the curfew at 7.15am, the available time is not too much, from 20/30 minutes in winter to 60/70 in Summer, but I can not complain ... I would not have probably resumed running back in 2005 if I hadn't discovered this track to have at least a decent , safe place to run in Dongguan.

Lastly, like any track, the first lane is invariably taken by joggers, backwalkers, people chatting, etc, etc. It must be a worldwide habit ...


Jenn said...

Thank you so much for 'accidently' finding my blog :) I really appreciate the encouraging words. Every little bit helps!!!

You have some kick ass times!!! Way to go!!!

Eric said...

Sorry to hear about the injury. I hope it heals quickly. Have you tried cold water baths? They have been much more effective than icing for me. I just stand knee deep in 45-50F water for about 15 minutes. It penetrates better than ice and you get better coverage, too.

I'm standing knee deep in a water-filled plastic garbage bin right now. It's uncomfortable, but it works!

Interesting about lane international phenomenon.