Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book review

during the holidays, I found in my old home's bookshelf a book that deserves a reading: Training lactate pulse rate by Peter Janssen (Author). I saw that there is also a kind of 2nd edition under a slightly different title and publisher, but the original is a very low priced paperback, published by Polar.
The book is most useful only if you train with a HR monitor and in general is a very messy reading structure, without a real logical sequence. I guess the author did not give it to anyone for a reading before publication....
There is a large section dedicated to the Conconi's test, whose validity is now under discussion. The author is supporting the concept of large aerobic base construction with a lot of training at AT level, trying to avoid the mistake of too much training above AT level, with excess of lactate in the blood and poor recovery.
So why to read it ??? in the mess, there are great gems very useful for practical use.
1. Many tables about the intensity of training in relation to HR, lactate values, pace, etc.
2. The training concepts are exposed in very brief manner, but I guess that is the reader would be capable to build up a actual training plan under these raw concepts, he/she can really achieve a good improvement. (well, it is very close to follow a Lydiard way but with HRM on the wrist).
2. Very interesting is the set of actual HR recording on training workouts and races of Pro athletes, with comments. So the reader can get actual data from Elite Athletes about the actual effort in races and workouts and how they dose it during the week.
Also other HR charts of amateur runners are very helpful in giving a objective assessment of how to pace yourself in race and training.
Overall it is an interesting reading, because of so many "actual" data and the price is pretty reasonable (you buy a copy of Runner's world for that price....)


Mark said...

Sounds like an interesting book.

I see you are changing around the blog site; something I've been meaning to do myself.

by7 said...

well, the book is not in my 1st tier like Daniels or Noakes, but if you like to train with HRM there are really useful concepts.
And it is very practical, without verbose concepts, etc.
Mainly HR charts with comments