Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1000m intervals => back to run "seriously"

Yesterday evening I managed to run 1 hr easy on the treadmill feeling very good, so it was a good auspice for this morning VO2max interval session.
It was maybe over 15 months that I did not run any faster than 3'20"/km, and lately I was basically dragging my feet, tired by too much intercontinental traveling, etc.
So it was a kind of "moment of truth" to see my real fitness level.

Temperature around 14C, 90% Humidity, 300m track.
30 min warm-up in the dark, than as soon as it was dawn, I could go into the track and start the 1000m intervals. The plan was to run 5x1000m @3'15" with 3' recovery jog (400m).
I end up running 6 intervals (average around 3'13") and feeling very strong and easy all the way, basically holding up a while, otherwise I would have dipped below 3'10". Also the recovery after each interval was pretty good, as the HR did go back to the same level every time.
Very positive workout. Maybe next time I must try a slightly faster pace.

Time / HR at the end / HR after recovery

3'14" / 179 / 113
3'13" / 183 / 127
3'11' / 185 / 131
3'13" / 186 / 128
3'12" / 186 / 130
3'11" / 187 /

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