Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Never felt as good as today - hard long interval session

the 2 days of slow run did have an effect !!

this morning I headed for one of those "tune-up" sessions for which we are usually very "anxious" because they give you a clear feed-back if the training plan is going in the right direction.

Personally I still did not devise a good "signature" workout that could give me an assessment of my form in a comparative manner (during the yearly plan) ... I generally monitor the HR in some key workouts and relate it to my actual speed. So a MP run gives usually a good indication of your aerobic form, since it does not involve that kind of exertion or effort that sometimes is influenced by poor recovery, temperature or else.

to cut short, I did a 2x4000m @ targeted MP (3'45"-3"50") with 2'30" recovery jog and later open the afterburner for 2x2000m @ LT effort.
The MP effort went very well because i barely entered in the HR typical of MP (for me, from 165 to 170). First 4k at 158bpm, 2nd at 164bpm. This gives me a good indication that at that pace I can easily handle the first 25k (hehehe.... after 25k , you are never sure until race day).
The faster intervals were in the 3'25"-3-28" range with an effort right in the middle of my LT zone ... also not bad

- I will start a poll, about what is your "test workout"

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