Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Long Run

this morning I got up at 4.30 (Jesus...) and head for a long run...

My maximum frustration is to read all those nice blogs where people head for the trail or forest or some park, perhaps together with a bunch of friends who act as pace-maker .....

Who on earth would accompany you in a long run consisting of 5 loops around an industrial area in Dongguan, at 5am ????????

So I resigned myself to keeping a regular pace, keeping an eye to the HRM: HR in the range 70/80% of HRmax. The laps went smooth around 16'30" each (each lap is 3,90km). I was a bit tired from lack of sleep, but still paced consistently. For the final, I headed to my usual school track, where I struggled a little to keep the targeted 3'50" pace.
Total for the day: 31km and run back by 7.10 (shall I change the blog title) ?

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