Wednesday, October 22, 2008


as a morale boost in this rough moment, I can draw the comparison between the run-up to Fukuoka 2007 and Seoul 2008.

- KM done in preparation (4 months up to marathon)
2007: 1382 km (Aug to Nov)
2008: 1807 km (not finished yet) (Jul to Oct)

- Exertion in the 4 months build-up (from Polar PPT SW: a kind of score of HR x time)
2007: 6813
2008: 8207 (not finished yet)

- 5K XC hilly race early September
2007: 18'16"
2008: 17'44"

- 10000m track race (late September)
2007: 35'18"
2008: 33'54"

- 5K flat race October
2007: 16'15"
2008: 15'51"

it all sounds good....
pity that I did not make a single long tempo run or a decent MP workout...


Gianluca Rigon said...

Hi there, how are you ? The pain is disappearing ? I wish you all the best. Ciao !

by7 said...


grazie degli auguri. Non ho corso Lunedi e ieri. Questa sera provero' sul treadmill a fare un 30 minuti. Il problema e' anche psicologico... mi sento la paura di correre e quindi di sicuro correrei in maniera innaturare affaticando il muscolo ancora di piu" !!! vediamo...


Injury! Bummer, hope the rehab works!
and you are back on the road to a marathon p.b.