Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In this desperate attempt to recover, i will take 2 days off and than run easily until the pain disappear. Obviously 7 days of easy runs should not affect my fitness at this point, but before flying to Seoul I must be 100% sure that I can at least keep the distance...

becuase it was quite interesting, here an abstact of the physioterapist visit:

- he made me stand single legged, closed eyes, to see how I could keep balance
- different check on the rango of movements
- palpation, etc

especially the first check was significant, because he told me that I have weak buttocks and weak core, so I can not sustain the balance well and all together this put too much load on the legs and the muscle stabilizing the legs.
So, this is a good reminder about the importance of strength training and core stability training. Do not do like myself, neglecting it for too long....

then, some US treatment and deep tissue massage. The massage was so deep and so painful that I was screaming... I thought whether the final 6km of a marathon would look like a joke if I could stand that pain...

final, a demonstration of some stretching position to loosen up the muscle. He recommended me to just run 10km at most easy every day.

I am now following the recipe... finger crossed. Final decision will be early next week, after a "test" of 10km at MP

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Mike said...

I think you are wise in going with the doctor's advice. The risk of feeling a bit stale from taking a few days off and just running easily seems much better than just prolonging the agony by trying to squeeze in any more fitness at this point.

Best and sincere wishes for a speedy recovery so you can put all your training to work in Seoul.