Friday, January 4, 2008

brrr ... cold

Winter is arrived also here ... in the morning, the temperature drops to 8C/46F. Luckily day-time it warms up until 15C/60F.
Do not laugh ... but after you get used to heat all year long, I felt pretty chilly.
Keep in mind that I do not even have suitable gear for temperature in the single digits Celsius: yesterday I rushed to buy some long pants and mid/leg shorts at the Shenzhen Decathlon store (a French chain store that made really a good job in China), that has the best supply of basic running apparel.
With the large disbursement of 40USD (we are in China....) , I bought a pair of long running pants, 2 pairs of under-knee pants, a pair of shorts, 2 long-sleeved jerseys and 2 pair of silk running gloves.
That should supplement my existing gear enough to cope the month long winter season ...

The main issue is that homes here have no heating systems and the windows are totally unsuited for cold weather, so basically inside and outside the house you have the same temperature, unless replying on scores of electric heaters.

To warm up the readers from cold climates, I added at the side the current temperature both in Hong Kong and Dongguan.

For those who like snow, some interesting blogs from "North Pole"

Last, next Sunday I will take part in the Hong Kong Half Marathon Championship. It is really a silly idea, after my legs have been trashed so much in the 30k race, but I hope to recover better in the next 48hours. It is a "non missing" race in the local calendar, but the course is still very hilly. I try to shoot for a PB and top 10 finish (if the calves and knee go into the right direction)


Mark said...

Good luck in your upcoming race!

Those temperatures do look nice, and can only be found indoors here. Single digits (fahrenheit) here the last two days.

Sling Runner said...


Thanks for leaving the advice on my blog on how to manage the marriage/relocation/job change/heat" syndrome. Your progress as a runner is indeed remarkable.

I understand that you are training about 90-100k per week including a couple of Tinman's big workouts. Can you kindly give me an overview of how your typical week (for marathon training) looks like?