Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Summary

in brief:

- distance run: 3528 Km/2191 Miles (it is probably a +200% increase compared to the 2006, but I did not log distance back then)
- Workouts: 295 (5,6 times weekly in average ... not bad)
- Races: 13 official races , (including 2 Marathons) + 2 "fun"/corporate races
- 10k time improved from 35'35" at November 2006 to 34'00" in November 2007 (same course)
- Marathon time improved from the 2h5x in 2006 and before to 2h38'

- very good aerobic capacity
- good aerobic power

Weakness/Area of Improvement:
- muscle flexibility, to improve fluidity of the stride ==> need an overdoses of stretching and drills for the 2008
- leg cadence still too low,
- in general, lack of "speed" to run more comfortably in the 3'10"/3'15" . Once I run faster than 3'20"/km, I start to "hit a wall", even if aerobically I feel still some reserve.
- build up my confidence that now I can run quite fast. Coming from being a "mid=pack" runner, I sometimes lack the confidence to try my chances in the races more daringly.

Target for 2008:
-still to be defined, for sure another marathon in the fall (Fukuoka again ?).
For the spring, I must face the issue that every single decent marathon in Asia or elsewhere would involved a long air trip, quite complicated with a small child. For the moment, I think about local races in the range 10k to HM. If someone has a good suggestion for a Marathon in April/May not too far from Hong Kong, you are welcome.

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Mark said...

Congratulations on a good 2007 and good luck in '08!