Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 22: A good week

Last week was a smooth week of good training, moving up the notch to a higher level in terms of speed and distance.
After recovering from the 10k race with 2 days of easy run (in the 145->160bpm range), I finally made my first LT run.
well, it is not easy to go flat out on a dark road with a face wind, so I felt it much harder than it should have been. The pace was in the 3'45" for 8k, but after 6,5k I gave a stop because I felt tired. HR stayed in the 170s range all the way.
I do not know if someone have other experience of how the performance is affected by running in the almost complete darkness.
on Sunday, a good 28km run with the final 8k at MP pace. It was a wet day, but almost perfect for running. Got out from bed at 5.30am (tough!) and start at 6am.
For long runs, I started to intake some maltodextrine (carbos drink) and it looks much better; no sign of slowing down in the second hours and the last section was very easy running at 3'55" with the HR always in the mid 160s.

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