Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 10 - Aerobic pace again

Another standard aerobic run of 50'. I caught the occasion to test once more my new racing flats (New Balance RC600).

I do not know if anyone out there feel the same hate and boredom in the first cycle of the marathon training period: piling up miles at aerobic pace, some strides here and there, but is really boring. I am looking forward to finish this cycle and move to the 2nd phase, targeted to stimulate the LT and more MP runs.
When I read all those training programs that are mainly based on regular aerobic runs, I feel sick for the poor runners who undertake them.
It is true that for a beginner, it is no sense to make more than steady runs for building up the endurance, but after a year or so, probably most of the average runners could also think of finding their own personal limits in speed, etc.
I mean: if you want to run a marathon in 3h00', this translate straigh away in running 10k at less than 38', otherwise you have no chance to run for 26 Miles/42k at a 4'15" pace .... So you must also train to run at 3'45"/k and faster.


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