Monday, November 17, 2008

Wk 46 Summary

Training for a marathon in 3 weeks...

Wk 44: 25km
Wk 45: 64 km (4 runs)
Wk 46: 6 workouts, with 120km
I would not have expect to run so easily 120km, even missing a day. I think it all goes down to the temperature drop. Last week was fantastic with morning temperature between 15C and 20C and running was so easy...

Friday: 5x2km in 6'45"-6'50" on the track, to savour again some hard effort. I was almost ok, but the right leg is not working in the right way

Sunday: 38.2km long run with mixed speed, in 2h33' (that was like running a FM in 2h49'), so not really a easy pace. I felt really good and the Km went run fast. Time by time I was picking up the pace but I felt the tightness in the right leg and I had to slow down.
Basically I am ok when I run at 4'/km, but below 3'50" I start to feel tightness...
Also the ankles were hurting...
In the last 5km I opened the throttle and clocked 3'30"/km pace with hard, but comfortable effort.

My overall feeling is that I am aerobically fit, but it all goes down on how I can recover fully from all my pains/ailments.

Injury list:
Hip pain: diagnosed as hip bursitis. Is gone, but the physiotherapist told me that I have high risk of recurrence because of the poor biomechanics of my body
Hip Tightness: still there, whenever I increase the speed. I am working on it with stretching
Achilles pain: increasing, very negative. According to the PT, it is related to the unbalance in the legs, leg discrepancy, etc, etc. For this one, I am going on with streching, ice and Ipubrufen (by the way, the PT told me to take 1200mg daily to be effective).
Plantar fascitis: almost disappeared (at least a good news). I suspect that using the Asics Kayano only did provide more support to the foot and helped the healing.

So now 21 days to go... and I am like an old worn-out shoe...


Dovy said...

This Sunday, I saw you running along the Science Park in the direction of Tai Po. You went all the way to Shek Kong? You seem to run without carrying a water bottle. Where did you get the water?

by7 said...


you are really an early bird... we should have met at 5.40am at the latest...
I hate carrying water, so I had only a small bottle mixed with carbohydrates powder and I left it in some bush to collect it on the way back after 20km and put some carbos in.
I choose the route to use the water fountains available:
- from Shatin to TaiPo waterfront (water fountains at Science Park promenade and at the end of TaiPo Park), than return up to Race Course and go to MaOnShan (where a gorgeous chilled water fountain is available at the Park), than again go back to Shatin where I end up doing some fast loops at the sports ground. So total 5 water stops for 38km + 330ml bottle.