Wednesday, May 21, 2008

come-back: week #1

Last week I did managed 25km in 3 session.
The plan is to run 50/60k this week, 70km next week and make the whole month of June around 70/80km weekly to rump up later to 100km+ in July/August (running 100km in the Summer heat is already a considerable achievement)

I buy into the suggestion of a reader about taking very gradual approach to building up distance.
I dot not think to be particularly injury prone: in 25 years of competitive sports, I have been blocked "seriously" only for 4 times:
- in 1989 (at the time I was a "Under 23" cyclist, I got a serious case of Chondromalacia that took several months to heal
- in 1999, a strong back pain (caused by too much driving ... 2500km in a single leg with a small car)
- in 2006, some calf tightness/ tendinitis, due to sudden increase of mileage
- another small tendinitis in 2007, always for sudden increase of mileage
- this time, I guess due to the increase in mileage after the CNY holiday.
So it is really negligible occurrence in such a long span of time.

Unfortunately I have the right leg that is 1,5cm shorter than the left, and also bow knees. This put most of the stress on the left leg (all the injuries described before were on the left leg).
Somehow we must accept that Mother Nature does not make everyone "perfect" for running ...

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