Friday, April 20, 2007

More about Boston

I still have to drain out all the emotions of the last weekend....

the days before: the weather forecast were so awful that I felt really sad, disappointed, depressed. I trained for so many months .... and could the weather spoil my pursuit of the below 2h50' ?????
rain and cold were not a problem, if you feel well and are well trained they should not slow you. But the forecast of a headwind of 40 Miles/hr was too much !!!

the night before: you put yourself in bed and you realize that tomorrow is the BIG DAY. there is nothing more that you can do, just sleep and go to the start line, brrrrrr
I took Melatonin to sleep but still I probably managed to sleep only 4 hours !

the morning: I was pissed off by the prospect of the heavy rain and wind. And actually the slam of the hotel room was a sharp reminder !!
Anyway the rain was not anymore a storm but a "normal" rain and as the day progressed it was looking like that it could have been better and better
In the 3 hours from 6am to 930am, the weather changed at least 100 times: heavy rain, followed by no rain, and start over again.
Suddently, at 9.15am the sky cleared up very mucha dn very quickly and the rain tapered off.
still many downpours in the first 20 miles, but was not too bad at all

the final miles: it was a nirvana !!! I felt good, the crowd was shouting my number, the road was heading towards the center of Boston and my watch showed that I was 2 minutes ahead of the target time. I was catching many runners who were out of fuel, so it was really the most rewarding moment of the past 6 months of training. You feel in total control, the legs responding perfectly and you can thanks the many miles run in training and all the sacrifices.
I am not sure that anyone else apart from a runners can understand this feeling.

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